Lenten form 6

Expectations. The quilt top is on the design board. Your daughter says she likes this one best. It is calm and restful. And now you need to figure out how to quilt it without ruining that feel!

I'm finding that Ikea frames make an inexpensive and fun way to set off these quilts for displaying.
This was another one that required a seam ripper ... the aqua under the circles was too edgy the first time and needed to be redone. Ended up a very similar color thread but with extended match-stick quilting and the grass-like quilting in the aqua. I love it now. The subtle changes in direction and addition of a slight purple color adds interest to the center of the circles. And, as always, the final tone-on-tone stitching that drew the circles out into the border adds the icing on the cake. Yeah!


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